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Through a holistic approach, we analyse security efficiency and identify potential risks to the premises safety of your company. This service includes an assessment of your existing security program and addressing gaps in safety, ..
Whether you are a medium or a large company who needs a bit of extra support, or a small business wondering how to manage international trade, we have a service to help you. ..
We have a full range of IP services including assistance in registration, portfolio management, audit, assessments to ensure efficient IP protection, action plans, enforcement and prosecution, as well as friendly resolution. We op..
For many NGOs, executing marketing and demand generation strategies would require a competent team that budget straints would not justify recruiting as full-time employees. Hereby, we offer services that will meet your needs such ..
Program or Project management requires detailed organization and strategic planning and we exemplify both. Our consultants apply client-focused approach with a special focus on quality assurance. We offer to work with you to set-u..
Our training activities are adaptable to specific corporate or sectoral contexts, and based on the needs, we continuously update the content of our seminars, training courses and other educational activities. We also offer coachin..
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